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Reading Sideways is interested in the cultures, infrastructure and practices of sport. Reading Sideways is into sports for they are intensely contested cultural products and practices; they provide an essential insight into contemporary politics, culture and social conditions.

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Founder, Editor: Andy Fuller has published articles on sport in Soccer and Society, Sport in Society and Inside Indonesia. His chapter, “Listening to the Stories of Shane Edwards and Adam Goodes” will be published in Price and Kilvington’s (ed) Sport and Discrimination (Routledge 2016).  He is the Essays and Fiction editor of Inside Indonesia, and is the translator of two volumes of poetry: Anxiety Myths (Lontar, 2013) by Afrizal Malna and Conversations (Lontar, 2016) by Budi Darma.

Contributors to Reading Sideways have included: Seno Gumira Ajidarma, Samandeep Chouhan,Tim Flicker, Thomas Fuller, Andi Hadinata, Fajar Junaedi, Rowan Kane, Hendrik Kren, Campbell Maffett, Ery Primaskara, Kelly Steele, and Paul Town.

Editing, Translating:

Editing is a vital part of the writing process. Writing, re-writing and considering the input of an editor is a basic step in improving the quality of one’s essay, article, thesis, chapter or proposal.

Reading Sideways offers both copyediting and translating (from Indonesian to English). I consult with the author regarding the degree to which the text needs to be revised and then make suggestions and changes accordingly. For translations, it is important that the client and myself share an understanding of the intended audience and desired outcomes. Importantly, the tasks of writing, copyediting and translating are collaborative processes in which a variety of expertise and knowledge are combined.

Fees are reasonable and negotiable, and are determined by the expectations of turn-around time, as well as the degree of which the texts needs to be revised.

I specialise in PhD theses, academic writing, essays on the visual arts, short stories and poetry.

For more information contact me via email or Twitter: sideways.editor@gmail.com or @readingsideways


“Andy Fuller has volunteered as an editor at Inside Indonesia for some years and more recently has edited the Essays and Fiction section of the magazine. He is a valuable and highly regarded member of the team who brings a deep knowledge of Indonesian literature, culture and arts.”

Dr.Jemma Purdey, Inside Indonesia  and Monash University

“For our digital magazine on the international conference ‘Deltas & Ports of the Future’, the content and the English language had to be on high level for an highly educated international readers audience. Thanks to Andy’s editing capacities we were able to meet the requirements. He was the quick link between the Dutch team of the magazine and the audience.

Rene Lamers, Magazine on the Spot, Leiden, The Netherlands

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