I am reading Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch, yes I am. This is Hornby’s first book, and now, it has been reprinted probably dozens of times, continuously repackaged in a different cover with a different font and page layout – just in the manner of soccer teams and their endless slight variations on the team’s colours. The popularity of this book indicates its ability to cross genres and to attract audiences beyond those of just soccer fans or Arsenal supporters. Fever Pitch is the memoirs of a die-hard Arsenal fan in the pre-Wenger era. And for this, it serves an educative function for those who are only familiar with the attractive football as played by Wenger’s successive teams. The ironic chant of ‘boring, boring Arsenal’ is given its context here: the team was known for its conservative, defensive, ugly football – always being compared unfavourably to other teams such as Tottenham and Chelsea.

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