Bonek 1927 v PSSI

The supporters of Persebaya 1927, have been protesting the fate of their Club for several years. Their anger is increasing; protests are intensifying. The protests are taking place on the streets of Surabaya and very heavily also on social media. Bonek 1927 are protesting against the monopolising of power within the PSSI by La Nyalla Mattalitti who has obstructed the progress of Persebaya 1927 and legitimised Persebaya Surabaya, a club formed in 2010 to participate in the Indonesian Super League. Persebaya 1927 is not active. The Bonek 1927 are doing their best to fight against the corrupt politics of football administration in Indonesia. The management of the national league is intricately connected to mainstream political power. Having access to football supporters is a necessary political asset. ‘Societal groups’, ‘ormas’, militias are heavily involved in the supporter groups of major clubs. Football violence as such is closely linked to political violence; supporters clash based on regional allegiances as well as political differences. The supporter groups of one club may be split by religious differences and a clearly demarcated line of political differences. Bonek 1927 reject the infiltration of militias into PSSI and the attacks on their club, Persebaya 1927.

Kami Menolak Takluk

A recent debate on SBO TV, a tv station in Surabaya was interrupted with members of the Pemuda Pancasila coming on the set and harassing the participants Рparticularly those speaking on behalf of Persebaya 1927.  In response, the Bonek 1927 wrote this letter. (I found the letter on The letter is signed by Andie Peci:

The PSSI is a Tool for National Struggle, Not for Militias

The attack, beating up and damaged that was caused yesterday during the discussion on Persebaya at SBO-TV was further evidence of the degree to which Indonesian soccer has become dominated by mafia and gangsterism. This shameful incident has become the clearest example of the state of football in Indonesia. It stinks, is barbarous, corrupt and permits any means at all.

Militia groups have deeply infiltrated the body of the PSSI. Some of the camouflage-wearing leaders of the militias have become PSSI officials and or club  managers. Their logic of violence is deployed to solve problems related to football. That is the reason for the events that took place at SBO-TV.

And, this is not the only time such a case has happened. Bonek have repeatedly been victims of the gangsterism of PSSI. Andie Peci was dragged from his home and beaten up, requiring stitches from an attack with a knife. Other Bonek have been attacked in similar ways. In another case, the bus transporting the Persis Solo players was attacked by thugs and gangsters wearing camouflage [ed: methinks this is code for Pemuda Pancasila].

The PSSI was founded by the dignified figure of Soeratin and served by MH Thamrin and Otto Iskandar Dinata and has now become an organisation that is run gangsters. It is little more than an organisation that serves the demands of a militia. This is an insult to the great history of the PSSI itself. Rather than being the Persatuan Sepakbola Seluruh Indonesia (Indonesian Football Association) has become the Persatuan Semimilitar Seluruh Indonesia (Militia Association of Indonesia).

Football has its own way of solving problems. Those who appreciate stadium atmosphere, know that if there is a problem, go to a stadium and fight, one on one. Supporters must fight against one another, rather than hiring thugs to fight on their behalf and giving them a jersey so they appear to be legitimate fans.

Bonek Masses 2


We, Bonek 1927, hereby declare our attitude as follows:

1. Thoroughly condemn the violence that took place at SBO TV and demand that the police hold the guilty parties responsible.

2. Demand that the PSSI don’t deploy militias to assert their power.

3. Reject the holding of the PSSI congress in Surabaya [ed: to select the new chairmen].

For Bonek 1927, hold strong in your convictions; don’t waver until we achieve justice.

Justice is the mother of our struggle. We will continue to fight no matter our strengths or weaknesses. We will fight in the proper manner and with full respect.


Salam Satu Nyali

Andie Peci

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