Running, always

There is a joke about amateur runners who are training for a marathon, it goes something like this:              “How do you know if a friend of yours is doing a marathon?”             “Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.”  It is as if the mere act of signing up for such an event is worthy of being broadcast…

Sporting the River

The river which runs through Melbourne is one of the city’s key geographical assets. It has been transformed and damaged since colonisation and invasion. These days it is a site for sporting and leisurely rowing. Its banks are a vital pathway for commuter cyclists and recreational joggers.

Leading with Tears

Manipulating the ball is a long-tradition in cricket, but, even the Australian cricket public couldn’t stomach the cheating of their national team. The culprits sought redemption through dramatic displays of grovelling and tears.

Sport and Protest in the City

Melbourne promotes itself as not only the world’s most liveable city, but also one of the world’s premier sporting cities. The 2006 Commonwealth Games, however, was a moment in which the city’s Indigenous ownership and history was asserted through the Camp Sovereignty protests in King’s Domain.

Commonwealth Complicity

Elsewhere: I had been in Indonesia during most of 2005, and then, I came back to Melbourne in February 2006. Not long afterwards, my father invited me to watch some of the table tennis as part of the Commonwealth Games. I was ambivalent about the ‘Commonwealth Games’ and its heritage as a colonial hangover, but,…

With van Marwijk

The choice of Bert van Marwijk as coach of the Socceroos was a selection based on pragmatism and short-term goals. This does not necessarily make it a bad one; but rather merely being the most viable option based on circumstances in the wake of Ange Postecoglou’s departure. The tension around his appointment, and the position…

Writing Richmond Together

Footy fans cheer together, barrack together, shout at the umpire together, and sometimes, cry together. During the third and fourth quarters of the 2017 Grand Final, when it became clear Richmond would be Premiers, many Richmond fans in the crowd – and elsewhere – started to shed tears. These were tears of joy, relief and…

Krakatoas FC

It is a calm Sunday afternoon in late August 2016. For the AFL and amateur footy leagues, the season is coming to an end, but, for the Krakatoas, the pre-season training is just beginning. At the designated meeting time a few have arrived at Arden Street: the home base of the North Melbourne Football Club…

Reading Sideways