Krakatoas FC

It is a calm Sunday afternoon in late August 2016. For the AFL and amateur footy leagues, the season is coming to an end, but, for the Krakatoas, the pre-season training is just beginning. At the designated meeting time a few have ...

Long Live Persebaya

The re-launch of the Go-jek Traveloka Indonesian Football League saw the return of Persebaya from several years in non-playing wilderness. This was a struggle played out on the increasingly orderly streets of the port city of Surabaya, and of course through social ...

Becoming Héritier Lumumba

“I have found that when speaking out against the injustices that I have perceived to exist in sporting communities, particularly within professional Australian rules football, that my words have always been used against me. So, I want to stress, that I am ...

Saturday Recreation

The path next to the river is used by cyclists, runners and walkers. I rode eastwards: into a cold wind. Overcast. And the sun did not come out. This was normally my running route, but, owing to a slow-recovering injury, I was ...

Footy Dreamings

footy dreamings:

Playing the Large Glass


Edwards has the Ball


Daniels Everywhere

Edwards Down the Line

Cricket Walkabout

D.J. Mulvaney. 1967. Cricket Walkabout: The Australian Aboriginal Cricketers on Tour 1867-8. Melbourne: Melbourne University Press. 112 pages.

Prior to the start of the Boxing Day test of 2016, a group of historians and cricket enthusiasts gathered by the Scarred Tree in ...

Contesting the Sportscape

@wludbey: few metres beyond 50 metre line 30 yards inwards start of the wing Pies members stand side (railway line end) Facing crowd after siren[1]

Sport in the City*

Sport makes it home in the city. Sport articulates the ideals ...

Almarhum Les Murray

Les Murray adalah salah satu tokoh terpenting dalam perkembangan sepakbola di Australia. Bersama Johnny Warren, Les Murray memperjuangkan popularitas sepakbola sejak awal 1980-an. Mereka berdua membentuk tim yang paling menonjol dalam siaran sepakbola lewat saluran SBS. Les menjadi sesorang yang ikonik dan ...

A Quick Innings

Vecsey, George. 2008. Baseball: A History of America’s Favorite Game, New York:  The Modern Library.

I am reading books on baseball yes I am.

Perhaps baseball is one of the most incongruous sports. Its slowness and efforts at maintaining tradition are matched ...