PSIM Murals

These are some photos of the PSIM murals I have collected over the past two months.

Jl.Tirtodipuran, opposite Bu Ageng restaurant


Jl.Taman Siswa

Jl.Kol.Sugiono (correction)


Fajar Junaedi, Bonek

Fajar Junaedi, Bonek, Yogyakarta: Buku Litera, 2012.

Fajar Junaedi’s Bonek: Komunitas Suporter Pertama dan Terbesar di Indonesia (Bonek: The First and Largest Supporter Community in Indonesia) is the first major study of football fans in Indonesia. It examines Bonek, the large and ...



I am reading Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch, yes I am. This is Hornby’s first book, and now, it has been reprinted probably dozens of times, continuously repackaged in a different cover with a different font and page layout – just in ...

Ultras Hooligans

The Cikampek Toll Road was closed in the lead up to the Persib – Persija football match as a result of a confrontation between Persija fans (known as Jakmania) with the police. Some of the Jakmania fans damaged vehicles and looted their ...

I Heart Pasoepati

Football team merchandise is a necessary means for creating a club’s image and subculture. It’s attractive for youth and stakes a claim for difference from the mainstream. The styles of the t-shirts also provide a link with the pop cultures of music ...

Foreign Footballers in Indonesia

Foreign Footballers in Indonesia

a preliminary list (subject to verification)

I am wondering who plays football in Indonesia. And so, here is a preliminary list of foreign players playing for teams in the Indonesian Super League.Each team is allowed to ...



I am reading Fajar Junaedi’s book Bonek: Grup Supporter Terbesar dan Pertama di Indonesia (Yogyakarta: Buku Litera 2012), yes I am.  From my search of the KITLV catalogue, this appears to be the first monograph on a supporter group or soccer ...