Richmond, Afterwards

I was queuing to get into a burger restaurant on Saturday night, after the game, in front of Avenue Book Store and someone asked, ‘Has anyone seen a shoe around here?’ ‘What does it look like?’ ‘Kind of like this one, but for the other foot.’ ** On the night: The Burger joint was relatively…

Into the Sportscape

The Tactics of Wayne Elliott Wayne Elliott’s work explores elements of play, pleasure and joy in sport. His paintings are bright and colourful. The figures are drawn with fine lines. The colours are cartoonish. His works don’t engage with contemporary (visual) arts theory. And this is one element which I immediately enjoyed about his works….

Almanac My Footy

& Talking with Swish about Very Important Matters I meet Swish on the corner of Spring and Collins St. I am wearing my Richmond baseball cap as a means for him to recognise me. I have no idea what he looks like. A couple of years ago Swish corrected a mistake I had made regarding my…

In the Name of Richmond

Ah, the Richmond Football Club. It is a club with a tremendous supporter base and a tremendous myth. A great Club of the late 1960s, 70s with a last hurrah long ago in 1980. And since that time, the Victorian Football League has become the Australian Football League and the footy landscape has changed dramatically….

I Heart Footy

I never expected to live and work in Australia. Coming to Australia is a rare opportunity since it is quite expensive for most Indonesians. Many Indonesians never get the opportunity to go overseas. I also was not born in a wealthy family. In fact, if I wanted to play badminton with my dad, we always…

Amnesia, Absence and the A-League

Sporting landscapes are constantly shifting. Teams come and go or are merged and sent elsewhere; stadiums are dismantled and constructed; leagues are closed down and started up; new formats of traditional games are introduced; women’s leagues are given attention and arrive on television screens. The 2000s in Australia – just in football terms – has…

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