Numbers and Running

Running is obsessed with numbers: distance run, elevation climbed or descended; minutes and seconds used up to complete X-event, age of runner, position finished – according to age-group, gender and whether one is or isn’t a professional or serious competitor. Chris, a friend who I run with, endorsed our coach for being ‘a numbers guy’….

Group Running

“The track is home”, says Amy at the end of training. Paul quickly adds, “Yeah it is, isn’t it? I love the track. It is all I used to do as a kid.” The two of them have just finished an intervals session of 10 times 400 meters at the Holden Centre under the guidance…

Love the Training

It’s getting late on Tuesday afternoon. It could be any Tuesday of any week of the year: coaching and training is relentless. There are always runners in our group, Love the Run, with events coming up and each race needs to be prepared for adequately. Each runner’s race needs to be given importance. Unlike team…

So I Race

The canon sounded twice. What was this? A false start, in the New York Marathon? The human tsunami of runners started on their way, heading over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. We, some 50,000 runners, racers, amateurs, began filtering down the course on a journey through the five boroughs of New York to Central Park, taking…

Marathoning NYC

Unstarted Business The atmosphere at the start line was charged. I had watched many replays of earlier races on YouTube. The NYC Marathon is one of the few long-distances races having live TV coverage. The New York marathon is no ordinary race, though – it is the biggest marathon in the world. I had goose…


/1/ Marathoning is a mass event. Tens of thousands of participants – ranging from rank amateurs to elite professionals – compete in the same event. Many of the participants are in their 30s or 40s or above. Many are middle-class. /2/ Marathoning is an urban event. The courses wind past city landmarks and urban peripheries….

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