Fans in the Dunes, Quick Boys, Katwijk, The Netherlands

Hello, Dutch Football

Oh Holland: home of wonderful splendid Total Football. Johann Cruyff architect of the beautiful game at Barcelona. And now, Holland: struggling against lesser ranked nations, and well, not qualifying for Euro 2016. Holland’s most famous football figure is currently not a Bergkamp, Cruyff, van Bronckhorst or a van Persie (at his volleying, heading best), but instead is the dour and frowning and haughty van Gaal. Oh Holland. But football in the Netherlands is far more plural than simply than the fate of the Oranje. The strength of Dutch football lies in its immensity of tightly knit local football clubs. (The rest of this article is in edition 11 of The Football Pink)

Some images taken from games I have attended over the past year or so. Topklasse, Hoofdklasse, Jupiler League and some Eredivisie pre-season friendlies.

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