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Inside Indonesia – Call for Papers

Inside Indonesia Edition (July 2018)

“Sports Culture in Indonesia: Politics, Fandom, Media”

Inside Indonesia will publish a special edition on sport in Indonesia to coincide with the 2018 Asian Games that will be held in Jakarta and Palembang. Indonesia, as a sporting nation, is renowned for its champion badminton players, while the nation’s most popular spectator sport is the world game of football. Yet, the Garudas, the national football team, has under-performed for decades while the Indonesian Football Federation has persistently been embroiled in one corruption scandal after another.

We are seeking articles that explore Indonesia’s sports culture. Articles may relate to how gender and identity are articulated through sport, the politics of fitness cultures (going to the gym, running), the use of public space for practicing sport (for example, car free days throughout Indonesian cities), Indonesia’s national football team and women in sport. We are also interested in the intersection of politics with sport: how do politicians co-opt the achievements of national sports heroes to share their glory? What are the cultural products of sport in Indonesia? How are sporting cultures represented through cinema and the media? How are sports cultures mediated through the social media platforms of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram?

Articles can be between 1,000-2,000 words, however, we are also seeking a diversity of media: whether it be an image (photograph, drawing, original artwork), video or audio-recording (pod-cast style interview or a piece of sound art).

For further information and to submit an article proposal, please contact Andy Fuller at

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