Approach with Caution

Following a football team, seriously and committedly, so often feels like a fruitless endeavour.

Footy Diplomacy

*Many fans of Australian rules football like to think of it as the world’s greatest game.

Love the Training

It’s getting late on Tuesday afternoon. It could be any Tuesday of any week of the year: coaching and training is relentless.

Love Thy Arsenal

*Tim Flicker, a long-distance Gooner, hangs out with some other long-distance Gooners, where his credentials for being a real Arsenal fan are tested.

Footy Places

How a Stadium Looks So many of the suburban stadia of South Australia and Victoria have since passed into occasional use or have become training facilities for big clubs which play

Football, Violence and Politics

*Recently published in Inside Indonesia (7 March, 2016) Football is the most popular spectator sport in Indonesia with second division games regularly attracting crowds of 30,000 s

So I Race

The canon sounded twice. What was this? A false start, in the New York Marathon? The human tsunami of runners started on their way, heading over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

Bicycle Activism in Pontianak

*Tim Flicker, recently returned from Pontianak (a city of 600,000 residents in West Kalimantan),  writes on the intersection of promoting healthy leisure activities with promoting