Robert Enke, Goalkeeper

*Faded Footballers is a documentary project, led by Adam Labno, looking at the lives of professional footballers and how they finish their careers.


*This article was originally published on Kunci’s website, here, in June, 2013. Footy is geographical. Footy relates to space. A space that is personal, local and national.

At the Edge of Asia

*Tim Flicker writes on the poor state of Australian football relations in Asia Robbie Gaspar (pictured below) is a name known to few Australian football fans, and yet he is one of

Watching Quick Boys

*An edited version of this article appeared on Shoot Farken, here: Dutch football by the Dunes, Escaping Carnival Chaos to Watch Quick Boys Ned woke up at 6am for the 6:30 Grand Fi

Groundhopping Hamburg

The term ‘groundhopping’ has been used since the late 1980s and is made up of the two English words ‘ground’ and ‘to hop’.

Paul Town: Stadium Painter

Around the time of the 30th anniversary of the Bradford City/Valley Parade fire, The Guardian featured a story on Paul Town and his paintings.