Compromised Goodwill

*Samandeep Chouhan looks at the ill-fated goodwill tour of Leicester City to Thailand in July 2015.

Watching ASC Oegstgeest

I turn left onto Langegracht, on one side of the street is a police station and on the other side are some junkies sitting, talking.

Origins are Important

(or, Playing Footy and Negotiating Identity) Sport and discrimination: sport, perhaps, is discriminatory.

Of Istanbul and Football Politics

*An oldie, written during April 2014. “I hate Galatasaray. They are the worst team in the world,” Orhan remarks at his Camper shoe store on Istiklal Caddesi.

Bonek 1927 as Ultras

“GreenNord27 belongs to all of us. It doesn’t belong to a particular community. No one [group] dominates and no one has a monopoly on it.

Bonek Against the President

Letter to President Jokowi from Bonek 1927 On the Eve of the 70th Anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence “We Demand a Mental Revolution for Clean Football” Presiden Jokowi, whom w

Amsterdam Olympic Stadium

/1/ A stadium has multiple lives: it’s an architectural structure that can serve grand political interests and ideologies, as well as those more local.