Football during Ramadan

*by A. Widya Syadzwina (trans.Andy Fuller). @widyasyadzwina **An Indonesian version of this article first appeared at Fandom.

Support Your Local Team

In 2014, I spent some time with the Brajamusti supporter group of Yogyakarta. They actively support and work for the team, PSIM: a second division club with a long history.

What’s your next move, PSSI?

*Article by Ary Wibowo, Kompas newspaper, Jakarta **Translated by Andy Fuller Football, in Indonesia, is like a party.

Ersatz Capitalism and Indonesian Football

*Guest post by Fajar Junaedi of Muhamadiyah University, Yogyakarta **This article is a translation of Kapitalism Semu dan Kegagalan Swastanisasi Sepak Bola Indonesia.

Watching MVV Maastricht

*Originally published on Shoot Farken as “Modern Football and Urban Alienation Under the Golden Arches in Maastricht” An underground freeway is being built on the easte