Stadia Indonesia

Last year I visited a few soccer stadiums in Yogyakarta. Here are some of my photos.

Watching RVV Kocatepe

Gouda, Olympia v. Kocatepe, 3:1 Take the 12:52 intercity in the direction of Utrecht, get off at Alphen aan den Rijn, then take the 13:12 sprinter to Gouda.

Brajamusti of PSIM

PSIM, a football club based in Yogyakarta and founded in 1929, has seen better years.

Bonek 1927 v PSSI

The supporters of Persebaya 1927, have been protesting the fate of their Club for several years. Their anger is increasing; protests are intensifying.

The Catastrophe of PSS Sleman

The Catastrophe of PSS Sleman Sofyan, an Acehnese man, living in Yogyakarta runs a small stall by the side of Lapangan Minggiran (Minggiran Field) in the southern part of the city.

Football Violence in Indonesia

Football Violence in Indonesia: A Case from Yogyakarta On Sunday 12th October, 2014,  Muhammad Ikhwanuddin, was killed in a car park near Adi Sucipto airport, Yogyakarta.

Drawing The Tiges

I have started a series of drawings specifically for Tiger Tiger Burning Bright – a website founded by Dugald Jellie and Chris Rees.

Running, Somewhere in Holland

A crowd of runners gathers beneath the roof of an apartment balcony near the start of the race. Slowly, the density increases.