Watching Jong Ajax

Tom Boere, FC Eindhoven’s No.10, scored in the 86th minute to make it 1:2 to FC Eindhoven.

Watching FC Union Berlin

*This piece was originally published on Shoot Farken, here. Football is a practice of cultural production.

Black and Proud

The Blackness of the Game: After Reading Klugman and Osmond’s, Black and Proud Sport is a social space in which racism can be both perpetuated and combated.

Sriwedari Stadium

Sriwedari Stadium Solo and Yogyakarta are two central Javanese cities separated only by some 60km.

Retro Football and the Footscray Bulldogs

Retro Football and the formerly Footscray Bulldogs Footscray’s greatest player, Ted Whitten, is also the icon of Victorian football and the champion of interstate rivalry.

Playing Cities Making Sport

Andy Fuller, Playing Cities Making Sport, Yogyakarta: Tan Kinira Books, 2014 This book came out of an attempt to archive what I have written over the past two-to-three years.

Lapangan Minggiran

An anthropology of Lapangan Minggiran, Yogyakarta In the mornings, I walk to Lapangan Minggiran: about one kilometer from my house.

Tambak Sari Stadium

Tambak Sari Stadium, Surabaya There is something mournful about an empty football stadium. The stands are empty; the pitch is free of action.