Rotterdam Marathon Review

There are many ways to skin the marathon cat. Since joining the Richmond Harriers in 2018, I have been exposed to a training plan which values high weekly mileage.

Profile – Marco van Erp

The watery landscape of the Low Lands means that its cities are engineered to live with water: to accommodate it, rather than to combat it.

Vehicles for your feet

One of the outcomes of running most days of the is frequent visits to the running shoe shop.

Running, always

There is a joke about amateur runners who are training for a marathon, it goes something like this:  “How do you know if a friend of yours is doing a marathon?” The answer: “

Running Diaspora

Brad is in Chelmsford. Soon, he’ll have a route named after him. It will be called the “Brad Wood Chignals Loop with Extra Part Anniversary Trail”. The distance is 16.

Footy without a Crowd

I went to the footy on Thursday night. I left my house, turned right and walked towards the light towers. There were no other pedestrians about.

Sporting the River

The river which runs through Melbourne is one of the city's key geographical assets. It has been transformed and damaged since colonisation and invasion.

Sportized Landscapes

How are the tensions between cultural heritage and sportized landscapes negotiated? What are the implications of the sportization (sportification) upon the landscape?