Foreign Footballers in Indonesia

Foreign Footballers in Indonesia a preliminary list (subject to verification) I am wondering who plays football in Indonesia.


Bonek I am reading Fajar Junaedi’s book Bonek: Grup Supporter Terbesar dan Pertama di Indonesia (Yogyakarta: Buku Litera 2012), yes I am.

Doing Boxing

Doing Boxing In the off-season, footy clubs put up videos of their players doing their boxing training: combinations of punches, footwork, sparring.

Boxing Gym Aesthetics

Boxing Gym Aesthetics I am reading Loic Wacquant’s book, Body and Soul: notebooks of an apprentice boxer (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004), yes I am.

Running Through the City

Running Through the City The starting points for this post are the idea of the flaneur, Michel de Certeau’s chapter “Walking in the City” from The Practice of Eve

Footy Memories

Footy Memories I have recently signed up to be a contributor to an online footy and sports website, journal: Footy Almanac.

Sepak Bola & Eduardo Galeano

Sepak Bola & Eduardo Galeano Ada buku yang ditulis Eduardo Galeano, judulnya, Soccer in Sun and in Shadow – penerbitnya Verso (2013). Ini salah satu buku kesukaanku.

Playing the PS Vita

Playing the PS Vita “Everything I learned about life, I learned from playing FIFA on my PS Vita”.