Sepak Bola dalam Hibrida Komik

Komik sepak bola, apakah itu suatu genre? Dalam istilah ini terjanjikan kesamaan formulaik yang repetitif, tetapi sebagai konsep yang dihasilkan oleh pengamatan, dalam suatu genre

Of Tracks and Shoes

There is a book, Swimming Studies, by a Canadian author Leanne Shapton, which documents her notes on swimming and the shapes of pools she swims in.

Sport and Protest in the City

Melbourne promotes itself as not only the world's most liveable city, but also one of the world's premier sporting cities.

Commonwealth Complicity

Elsewhere: I had been in Indonesia during most of 2005, and then, I came back to Melbourne in February 2006.

Team Portraits

Team Portraits Charles Edward Boyles (1888-1971) established the practice of having team photographs in front of the grandstand of their home ground.

With van Marwijk

The choice of Bert van Marwijk as coach of the Socceroos was a selection based on pragmatism and short-term goals.

Where to Australian Soccer

The changes in the Australian football (soccer) landscape over the past 10-15 years have been well-commented upon and the continual source of much contention and fierce debate.