Writing Richmond Together

Footy fans cheer together, barrack together, shout at the umpire together, and sometimes, cry together.

Krakatoas FC

It is a calm Sunday afternoon in late August 2016.

Yellow and Black Book

Richmond’s Premiership win is leaving a long wake. Piles of Premiership slabs remain stocked high in alcohol shops affiliated with supermarket chains.

Long Live Persebaya

The re-launch of the Go-jek Traveloka Indonesian Football League saw the return of Persebaya from several years in non-playing wilderness.

Becoming Héritier Lumumba

“I have found that when speaking out against the injustices that I have perceived to exist in sporting communities, particularly within professional Australian rules football, that

Saturday Recreation

The path next to the river is used by cyclists, runners and walkers. I rode eastwards: into a cold wind. Overcast. And the sun did not come out.

Richmond, Afterwards

I was queuing to get into a burger restaurant on Saturday night, after the game, in front of Avenue Book Store and someone asked, ‘Has anyone seen a shoe around here?’ ‘What does i

Footy Dreamings

footy dreamings: Playing the Large Glass   Edwards has the Ball   Daniels Everywhere Edwards Down the Line