Staying up with Sparta

Kenny Dougall on Sparta’s First Season back in the Eredivisie So Sparta survived.

What Adam Did Next

The AFL was criticised throughout the 2015 season, and subsequently, for not having dealt earlier with the persistent booing of Adam Goodes in previous years.

Mediate My Football

When I was in primary school, I already had a strong wish to be a journalist. So, I would retype articles from the newspaper: and most of the articles I typed were about sport.

Numbers and Running

Running is obsessed with numbers: distance run, elevation climbed or descended; minutes and seconds used up to complete X-event, age of runner, position finished – according

Into the Sportscape

The Tactics of Wayne Elliott Wayne Elliott’s work explores elements of play, pleasure and joy in sport. His paintings are bright and colourful.

On Our Own Terms

The Richmond Football Club has an alliance with Rumbalara Football Netball Club (see this article).

Almanac My Footy

& Talking with Swish about Very Important Matters I meet Swish on the corner of Spring and Collins St. I am wearing my Richmond baseball cap as a means for him to recognise me.

Commercialise my footy

Andy Fuller, University of Melbourne Australian rules football is generally considered the dominant code in our sporting-obsessed nation.