Champions of Rotterdam

A long time ago:  And Sparta became champions. The referee blew the whistle and the players hugged each other; screamed in celebration; some piled on one another in the goalmouth.

Group Running

“The track is home”, says Amy at the end of training. Paul quickly adds, “Yeah it is, isn’t it? I love the track. It is all I used to do as a kid.

Playing the Stadium

Zack Hample and the Fine Art of Ballhawking “I’ve snagged exactly 90 balls at this stadium over the years.

Le Bois d’Oingt

Pastoral Football I took these photos while on holiday in 2015. We were in Lyon and then went to the countryside for a few days.

Hello Again, Princes Park

Growing up in Melbourne during the 1980s, Princes Park was one of the regular grounds I attended with my father and brother.

After Lebak Bulus

When we talk about football infrastructure in Jakarta, it is easier to talk about the stadiums that have been destroyed than those that have been built.

Playing with Pride

Such are the little moments that project one into or away from footy. The game can offer a place for an athlete, a player with skills and abilities and professionalism.

In the Name of Richmond

Ah, the Richmond Football Club. It is a club with a tremendous supporter base and a tremendous myth. A great Club of the late 1960s, 70s with a last hurrah long ago in 1980.