Missing Goodes

A lot happened in the lead up to the Sir Doug Nicholls Indigenous Round. Carlton Football Club apologised for its discrimination against Sir Doug Nicholls.

Pengakuan Seorang Groundhopper

Saya pernah memimpikan menjadi seorang Fillipo Inzaghi, mencetak gol, lalu merayakannya dengan begitu emosional sambil berlari dan berteriak ke pojok lapangan , dan ribuan orang ya

Talking Indonesian Football

I spoke with Dr.Ken Setiawan, McKenzie Fellow at The University of Melbourne, regarding football in Indonesia for the podcast, Talking Indonesia.

Outer Sanctum Podcast

The AFL is in a rush to be ‘inclusive’ and to be more representative of society. For so long Australian rules has been exemplary of the archetypal Aussie macho male.

Soccer and the City

(An article of mine has been published in Sport and Society journal) Football fandom and sports culture are largely neglected in studies of Indonesia.

Footballing Transitions

An Interview with Kenny Dougall, left-back of Sparta Rotterdam It wasn’t the game I expected it to be.

Un-Militarize My Football

Baseball is traditionally called America’s pastime, but it is the National Football League that has dominated the American consciousness for the better part of the past two decades

What Fans Do

Being a football fan is serious business. Ultra fan groups are highly competitive within their own group and with other supporters of other clubs.