Playing Cities Making Sport

Playing Cities Making Sport Cover

Andy Fuller, Playing Cities Making Sport, Yogyakarta: Tan Kinira Books, 2014

This book came out of an attempt to archive what I have written over the past two-to-three years. Initially, I wanted to collect all of my shorter writings and essays. They were to be grouped under the headings of: cities; literature; sport. After a preliminary compilation, I realised that I had written enough on sport for one volume. Moreover, sport – running, soccer and footy – is what I am working on at the moment, and thus provided the greater impulse. I told Lelaki Budiman of Tan Kinira Books that I wanted to compile this book so that I could get a better grip on what I had already written. I believed that making this book would thus help me to work out which direction I want to work in, where I want to go with my research, writing and own sporting practice. Making the book is a moment to take some distance from oneself and to create a space in which others can easily consume what one has produced. It is an opportunity to share my observations with a broader audience. Perhaps, a little arrogantly, I feel that I’m making a contribution – even if very small one – to the study and practice of sport vis a vis cities and urban culture. My father said to me ‘I hope this is satisfying for you’. I told Lelaki Budiman, that already this process has been satisfying before the book has been published. I have been able to meet Lelaki and his team at Tan Kinira and they have asked vital questions which spur on further writing and, importantly, a reconsideration of approaches.

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