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Richmond, a User’s Manual #3, “Scrapbook”

RaUM #3

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It’s easy to be critical, and sometimes if things go smoothly, it’s easy not to notice and to take it for granted. The RFC is indeed doing somethings well. The RFC is changing. Members aren’t necessarily engaged as they could be, but this Club is a different place from where it used to be.

I went to Adelaide and saw a game in a beaut old and new stadium. The Home team came out to a big ovation and their loyalists sang together in unison an anthem that is a pop song. The crowd grew restive as the Away Boys bedecked in Yellow showed their resilience. I kept my joy to myself and maintained an equilibrium: taking it in turns of making conversation and footy observation.

Bury FC is a football club in Greater Manchester, currently playing in League One. They too have loyal and devoted fans. Their fans too are sometimes bemused and annoyed by the direction that management takes their club in. I spoke with Rich Beedie about his experiences of being a long-term Bury fan and the similarities between football (soccer) and footy (Aussie Rules) fandom.

Mr.Weeks is the curator of the RFC Museum: all-round nice guy and with many astute observations about the Club and the fans’ successful efforts in saving the Club some 20 plus years ago.

Miscellanea: Clippings, Talking with My Daughter; Unsent Tweets, Drawings, Bibliography: Richmond without Footy

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