Richmond, A User’s Manual

Richmond, A User's Manual front cover

I’m doing a zine this footy season. It is based around my experiences as a Richmond fan and my engagements and conversations with the Club, other fans, the suburb, Punt Road Oval and the MCG.

This is a continuation of what I do with Reading Sideways. Blogs are great, but sometimes it is nice to have something to hold. Making it could be fun too. Thread, needles, manually feeding the paper into the printer, glue and scissors. Homemade.

The AFL’s Record is big and glossy and young boys stand behind podiums shouting Records! But really, does everything we buy relating to footy have to have the AFL’s logo on it? That is one of the reasons why I like the t-shirts and designs of Chris Rees. See Redbubble. I like John and Molly Carr’s Footy Podcast. Footy has many incarnations and it is open to many interpretations and readings.

I took the name from George Perec’s novel, Life A User’s Manual (trans.David Bellos, London: Vintage, 2008).

The zine can be ordered here: Richmond, A User’s Manual.

The second edition will be in May and will include an annotated bibliography of Richmond and an interview with Wayne Elliott, an artist who does a lot of work on sport.


Here is the product description: 

Hand-made zine on the Richmond footy club and what it means to be a fan.

Featuring contributions from Chris Rees (@4boat) and interviews with Simon Wallace (@swa11ace), former board-candidate, and artist Kate Birrell (@kate_birrell).


Inclusive of player-list and Richmond-related archival newspaper clipping lift-outs.


Hope Springs Eternal/Against Hope: on trying to work out whether or not one should be hopeful

Goodbye: on the off-season departures of favourite players

Hello: on footy and friendships

Dear Peggy: a letter to the president

Belonging/Buying: on listening to the Tiges from a train in the Netherlands and on what it might mean to be a member of a footy club

My Year Out (by Chris Rees): on not watching footy for a year

Activism: Interview with Simon Wallace: thoughts about being a board candidate

Painting: Interview with Kate Birrell: on painting the Tiges

Commercialise My Footy: opinion piece critiquing the AFL’s corporatist bent.





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