Bonek 1927 as Ultras

“GreenNord27 belongs to all of us. It doesn’t belong to a particular community. No one [group] dominates and no one has a monopoly on it. No one feels the most heroic; no one takes credit for having given the most service or having the rights to it. Everyone: One Heart, One Attitude and One Movement….

Fashioning a Statement

Football fashion in Indonesia mixes global styles with local identity. The small, independently run boutiques seek to capitalise on support for local teams, while at the same time, appropriating the casual style from England and Italy. These are fans who are defiantly local in their support of domestic teams and up-to-date with contemporary football fashion….

Support Your Local Team

In 2014, I spent some time with the Brajamusti supporter group of Yogyakarta. They actively support and work for the team, PSIM: a second division club with a long history. Indonesia has tens of millions of enthusiastic football fans. It is a football mad country. Many of the fans, however, support English, Italian or Spanish…

Football Violence in Indonesia

Football Violence in Indonesia: A Case from Yogyakarta On Sunday 12th October, 2014,  Muhammad Ikhwanuddin, was killed in a car park near Adi Sucipto airport, Yogyakarta. He had been dragged from the bus, beaten with a baseball bat and stabbed in the chest. The bus had been pursued by around 30 men and boys on…

Watching FC Union Berlin

*This piece was originally published on Shoot Farken, here. Football is a practice of cultural production. Being a fan is intrinsic to issues of identity – nationalism, parochialism, ideology, gender. The football stadium is, most often, an overwhelmingly male space. Fans claim space within the city; filling up trains and dominating sidewalks. The traces of…

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