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Brajamusti of PSIM

PSIM, a football club based in Yogyakarta and founded in 1929, has seen better years. The club is well and truly in the  second tier of the domestic competition and suffers from poor management and fan violence. The violence not only occurs between fans of rival clubs but also between the two main supporter groups…

An Afternoon with the Pasoepati Crew

*An edited version of this was published in The Jakarta Post. Before I got back on the train to Yogyakarta, my friend, Ramdhon said, “take your t-shirt off – it is better not to wear it in Yogyakarta, or even on the train.” Yogyakarta and Solo are seemingly locked in ongoing tensions: two nearby cities…

The Catastrophe of PSS Sleman

The Catastrophe of PSS Sleman Sofyan, an Acehnese man, living in Yogyakarta runs a small stall by the side of Lapangan Minggiran (Minggiran Field) in the southern part of the city. His regular customers are largely ex-soccer players from the local leagues. Some are doing it tough, others have regular jobs as coaches or accountants….

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