Contesting the Sportscape

@wludbey: few metres beyond 50 metre line 30 yards inwards start of the wing Pies members stand side (railway line end) Facing crowd after siren[1] Sport in the City* Sport makes it home in the city. Sport articulates the ideals of the modernist drive. The success of the individual, a level playing field, equal opportunity…

Into the Sportscape

The Tactics of Wayne Elliott Wayne Elliott’s work explores elements of play, pleasure and joy in sport. His paintings are bright and colourful. The figures are drawn with fine lines. The colours are cartoonish. His works don’t engage with contemporary (visual) arts theory. And this is one element which I immediately enjoyed about his works….

Kate Birrell and Painting the Tiges

I first saw Kate Birrell‘s paintings on The Footy Almanac‘s website. Her painting was of Luke Hodge, in one of his classic postures: his right arm raised for balance, the other guiding the ball perfectly on to his left boot. Birrell has not only contributed to the Footy Almanac anthologies but is also an active…

Reading Sideways