Persebaya 1927

Bonek 1927 as Ultras

“GreenNord27 belongs to all of us. It doesn’t belong to a particular community. No one [group] dominates and no one has a monopoly on it. No one feels the most heroic; no one takes credit for having given the most service or having the rights to it. Everyone: One Heart, One Attitude and One Movement….

Bonek 1927 v PSSI

The supporters of Persebaya 1927, have been protesting the fate of their Club for several years. Their anger is increasing; protests are intensifying. The protests are taking place on the streets of Surabaya and very heavily also on social media. Bonek 1927 are protesting against the monopolising of power within the PSSI by La Nyalla…

Tambak Sari Stadium

Tambak Sari Stadium, Surabaya There is something mournful about an empty football stadium. The stands are empty; the pitch is free of action. The air lacks the buzzes of expectation and the urgent statements of PA announcements indicating which player is coming off, which player is coming on or which player has been awarded a…

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