PSS Sleman

What Fans Do

Being a football fan is serious business. Ultra fan groups are highly competitive within their own group and with other supporters of other clubs. Some fans will kill for their club; ultra fans recognise that taking on a loyalty to a club and fan group puts them at risk, meaning that they need to hide…

The Catastrophe of PSS Sleman

The Catastrophe of PSS Sleman Sofyan, an Acehnese man, living in Yogyakarta runs a small stall by the side of Lapangan Minggiran (Minggiran Field) in the southern part of the city. His regular customers are largely ex-soccer players from the local leagues. Some are doing it tough, others have regular jobs as coaches or accountants….

Football Violence in Indonesia

Football Violence in Indonesia: A Case from Yogyakarta On Sunday 12th October, 2014,  Muhammad Ikhwanuddin, was killed in a car park near Adi Sucipto airport, Yogyakarta. He had been dragged from the bus, beaten with a baseball bat and stabbed in the chest. The bus had been pursued by around 30 men and boys on…

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