Sepakbola Indonesia

Ultras in Indonesia

Indonesia occupies a curious place in global football culture. Football is everywhere in Indonesia: in the streets, in bars, in narrow alleys, in grand and packed stadiums, and in the shabby empty lots of urban decay. The game is a cultural product open to endless varieties of meanings, uses and articulations. Football, as the world’s…

The Catastrophe of PSS Sleman

The Catastrophe of PSS Sleman Sofyan, an Acehnese man, living in Yogyakarta runs a small stall by the side of Lapangan Minggiran (Minggiran Field) in the southern part of the city. His regular customers are largely ex-soccer players from the local leagues. Some are doing it tough, others have regular jobs as coaches or accountants….

Tambak Sari Stadium

Tambak Sari Stadium, Surabaya There is something mournful about an empty football stadium. The stands are empty; the pitch is free of action. The air lacks the buzzes of expectation and the urgent statements of PA announcements indicating which player is coming off, which player is coming on or which player has been awarded a…


Teman-teman pecinta PSIM dan sepakbola di Indonesia, isi buku saya tentang PSIM dan Brajamusti kurang lebih begini. Maaf, untuk sementara ini, bukunya dalam Bahasa Inggris. Versi Bahasa Indonesia segera menyusul. judulnya: I Love PSIM: the Brajamusti and the Fight for Soccer in Indonesia (Saya Mencintai PSIM: Brajamusti dan Perjuangannya untuk Sepakbola di Indonesia) Kata Pengantar:…

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